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Startup of the Month - VIDICT By Startup Macedonia and

20 JUN | THURSDAY 18:30 - 20:30 | Room: Amphitheatre

We continue in June, with another event from the #StartupOfTheMonth series, at the premises of Netaville together with VIDICT 🚀 VIDICT offers cost-effective solutions without compromising reliability, tailored for start-ups, small businesses, and enterprises aiming to integrate live video streaming into their products and services. With a mission to build world-class live streaming experiences and deliver unforgettable live events, Vidict has served 1 billion end clients in just one year. As a pure Macedonian company, VIDICT stands out with its innovative approach and years of collective experience, showcasing a profound understanding of live-streaming technology. 👋 We invite you to attend on Thursday 20.06.2024 from 18:30 starting with CTO Anastasija Kostovska with Keynote: “Harnessing the Power of Live Video Streaming for Startups”. ✌️At 19.00 we continue with an origin story about VIDICT from Founder Pero Gjuzelov and their team!